Welcome to the European site of FEKAMT in English

(European Federation of Karate-Do and Traditional Martial Arts)


Initailly purely French FEKAMT aims at establish its footprint all over Europe gathering traditional schools (RYU) of martial arts, such as Karate-Do, Karate-Jutsu, Ju-Jitsu, Kobu-Jutsu, of all styles and disciplines. Non japoneese disciplines such as Krav MAGA , TAekwendo, Mu tay, Systema are also welcome as long as they share the same values:


SHIN - spirit, knowledge, humanity, repsect and culture of martial arts


GI :  High Class technical skills, resaerch of execllence in excecution, willingness to constantly improve one self


TAI : Best development of the body, strength, flexibility, accurate etchniques, balance, strenght


Philiosophy: Feedom of practice and independance 


            FEKAMT hosts established RYU, independant clubs and organizations seeking a structure to access high level experts and recognized diploma. The choice of each RYU to respect its own tradition, lineage and inheritance of their SOKE requires  total independency .

Traditional (historical, based upon tranmission by Masters) major disciplines of FEKAMT in Karate are based on OKINAWA Karate originally a survival activity more than a sport. Original Karate included all strikes, kicks but also, throws, controls, arm-locks, leg-locks, controls, escapes and all fighting techniques. The main objcetive was not a ''victory" but simply surviving. Thos original Karate becames a DO (normalized for military purpose or mass conditionning) then a ''sport" competition where all the dangerous techniques were banned, becoming more and  more a training activity more tahn a martial art.

FEKAMT recognize the positive contribution of Karate Do for life enhancement but aims to re-establish Karate as a complet fighting art.

- Self-defense,

- Health

- Socio-cultural eductaion

 Way of life gathering our various schools and styles following same values.

Apart Karate the other components of FEKAMT refer to specific traditions and lineages but as consistant and carrying identical  values. Ken Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu, Aiki Do, Ju Jitsu, Tai Jitsu, and modern styles have a strong common set of values with Karate in the spirit if not in the historical frame. The other martail art schools from Chinese, Corean, Vietnamese, Israelian, Russian, Bresilian ... are participating in FEKAMT works while keeping their own identity 

The great variety of style and disciplines hinder vertical integration in a unique technical system of FEKAMT groups, but enrich its horizointal integration (what is common to all disciplines) by harminization of exigences between schools and the  quality of excecution.

FEKAMT seminars are the squeleton of FEKAMT allow better harmony in these different ways. Experts bring their experience and knowledge and show the best route and take opportunity of their diversities.



            Officially recognized the  Dan-FEKAMT is delivered by the European Commission of Grades and Titles which is constitued by FEKAMT Masters and highest rank.  It reflects a technical ladder recognized for it technical content. Dan obteianed in other organizations can be recognized under case to case evaulation.

Education for instructors

           Training of instructors of FEKAMT is a major concern and a throrough  care is brought to this training led by high level graduated teachers.   Execllence of instructors is really the quality trade mark of our organization.

Volountary service

            FEKAMT is NOT a financial institution, all teachers, administrators and practionners are giving their time and effort for promoting their own sport.